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Volcano Radar Pictures: Eyjafjallajökull

16/04/2010 | 07:20

Iceland Volcano: Radar Pictures of the Craters

On Thursday scientists got the first radar pictures of the craters in Eyjafjallajökull. Until then it had been impossible to take such photos. The radar pictures are taken by the ELTA radar on the Coast Guard airplane TF-SIF. The pictures show three craters and how large they are.

A radar picture of the craters as seen by Coast Guard Plane on April 15

At the time of the flight the flood from Gígjökull was beginning and the scientists could confirm that a gigantic flood was making its way towards Markarfljót. The flood has since subsided.

People had noticed that Skógafoss, the well known and beautiful waterfall, had taken some muddy color. The flight indicated neither volcanic activity nor lava to the east. The color may be due to the fact that snow is melting because of warm weather.

Source Iceland Online Review

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